The inner song


Gijs Niranjan


18 december · 14:30
Klank Lichaamswerk Stembevrijding
During the The Inner Song we will explore our own voice, our own movement, our own rhythms, guided by Gijs Niranjan on the drum and other intuitive instruments. Connect to your body, experience a sense of clarity in your mind and more space for your spirit. Be welcome!


Experience your inner song. Play with movement and expressing ourselves through the voice, exploring the body as an instrument of our soul.
We make a journey from thinking into feeling, in which we can discover, express and experience a deeper sense of self and our longings.


After this afternoon you will have a stronger connection to your body, a deeper sense of clarity in your mind and more space for your spirit. You will learn how to let go of the continuous thinking / defending / planning of the ego mind by using your voice and come in touch with your true feelings.


For everyone interested in connecting to the power of their voice and finding their inner song. You do not need to be a good singer, or have any experience with voicing. Here we allow ourselves to explore and voice what is truly alive in us, without judgement and with compassion. It’s a journey for all of us, be welcome!


Gij Niranjan is the cofounder of De Meditatietuin. He has a broad experience in body work, meditation, and inner work groups and trainings. At the Meditatietuin he gives body & voice work session and workshops. “The voice is the doorway to connect deeply to ourselves. When we voice, we feel and listen deeply to all parts of ourselves and others. It makes us feel more present, alive, free and aligned and. It’s my mission to help people to liberate their own voice and to support them to go to the inner places where they need to go. I create a safe space in which we take the time to feel, listen, explore and be present with all that arises.”


– Time: 19:00 tot 21:30 uur
– To ensure a relaxed start all together as a group, we will open the door at 18:45 PM and close the door at 19:00.
– Take some extra time to find De Meditatietuin, when coming to our centre for the first time.
– What to bring: wear comfortable clothes and warm socks.
– Sheep skins, meditation pillows and blankets are present in the studio.
– If you have your own drum or intuitive instrument please bring it.


Refunds are only possible when the event will be postponed/canceled.

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The inner song

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