Shamanic Dreaming – Day Fest


Gaby Timmerman Wen-Wei Ong


9 juli · 11:00
Ceremonies & Rituelen Dans Expressie & kunst Sjamanisme

Life is full of Magic & Miracles,

and you are the Artist, La Creatora & Dreamer of your Life. 


So let this Shamanic Dreaming Day be a gift for you! Let the playful wisdom of the Elemental(s) Medicine ‘inspiral’ your Creative Life Force to shine! 


Let Air dream…Breathe life into it… Sacred Mother Cacao opens your heart…to allow for rebirth and transformation to occur…Through power rooted in Love you dance your Vision… To later bring it home into Earth and manifestion. 

This is a Day of Shamanic Dreaming … with much Loving Light! 


Shamanic Medicine: 

  • Journey & Story
  • Sacred Mother Cacao
  • Shamanic Breathwork
  • Ritual Trance Dance 


Crafted by:

Gaby Timmerman: Shamanic Ceremonialist & Healer 


Wen-Wei: Woman’s Keeper & Shamanic Ritual Crafter 


& of course we are soooo much more…



  • Power object to gain medicine during this journey
  • Comfy and most importantly clothing you feel beautiful in… today we celebrate no..? 
  • Small pot with earth …curiouser and curiouser right? 
  • Delicious foodies for the potluck, late lunch/dinner. 


Towards the end of the Shamanic Dreaming – Day Fest, we will have ourselves a little feast! We weave the potluck (late lunch / early dinner) through the sharing which always feels sooo deliciously good! 

There won’t be a huge lunch break in between, too really feel and open up to the left side of our bodies. Where our dreams and visions come into being! (there will be some nuts and fruits, if you feel it)

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Shamanic Dreaming – Day Fest

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