New Moon Circle with Minne


Minne Perdijk


27 juli · 19:00
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Take a deep juicy inhalation,

followed by a long relaxing exhalation

and pause.


Right there,

before your body starts with the next breath cycle,

there is a stillness, a pause, a nothingness,

an all there is.


Right there, we can ask ourselves two questions:


What to let go off?


What to take with us?



What will we do 

What to let go off? What to take with us? Every New Moon we can ask ourselves these same questions. What differs with each New Moon is the sign the moon is in. We use this sign as an analogy and start exploring the qualities of the sign within ourselves. This can be used as a method for shadow work and personal transformation. It might even deepen your understanding of what it is like to be you.


This New Moon the moon will be in Leo, quite an extravergant and outward energy. We will be working with self-worth and the heart energy. What does self-worth mean to you? And how is your self-worth constituted? To which extend is your self-worth constituted by the external world? Let’s dive into the strength and stamina of our own hearts, where Leo’s answers to shine are found.


My New Moon Circles are infused with embodied practices, rituals, and tarot. Most likely we explore the qualities the moon is in by movement in combination with cacao- or blue lotus ceremony. We will complete our New Moon Circle with a sharing and if the time allows us, some massage. There will definitely be some nice foodies too. Bring some deliciousness if you like.




By attuning to the waxing and waning, and waning and waxing of the moon, you will feel connected by something larger, that transcends the self. You will be a part of the reciprocal cycles of nature, which are continuously renewing themselves. You will create an understanding when it is time for something to die and renew itself. This cycle is life-affirming and grounds you in a world where striving forward seems the only solution.


After a New Moon Circle, you may feel calm, soft, or touched to the core of your being. Maybe you feel extremely tired or fully alive, bursting with new ideas. Whatever feelings you are experiencing after a New Moon Circle, you feel what’s there for you to feel. You feel aligned or you will know exactly what it takes to find your alignment again.



For whom 

This New Moon Circle is for every girl, woman, and beautiful being who is interesting in connecting to his/her/them feminine nature. To me femininity is about connecting to your cyclical nature, whether you are flowing (your period), stopped flowing, or doesn’t flow at all. It is about connecting and getting in touch with the Life-, Death-, Birth-cycles within yourself and nature. By putting this cycle into practice one creates a deeper understanding of when to sow ideas, to strive forward, and blossom. But also when it is time to let go and surrender to what is.



Your facilitator 

Minne Perdijk

I grew up close to Sea, with her moody currents, and ebb and flow. When looking at her, it seems if she was different every minute, and yet she remained the same. Lately, I reconnected to her, the land, the birds, the sun, and the moon. They fill me, fulfill me.


During my New Moon Circles and Yin met Min I draw forward on this experience in combination with the knowledge and experience of a Moonlodge Year training by Wenwei. Besides that, I am inspired by literature and story about wildish womanhood. Some of my favorites are Woman Who Run With Wolves by Clarissa Pinkola Estes, Shakti Woman by Vicki Noble, and Circe by Madeline Miller.



Practical info 

  • Time 19.00h – 21.30h
  • Please do come in early, between 18.45 and 19.00.
  • Bring some deliciousness to share at the end of the New Moon Circle.
  • Bring something to place at the altar, if you like.
  • Wear whatever you like, it doesn’t matter if you are coming in your pajamas or in a beautiful dress. Do consider wearing clothes that are too tight, we are sitting on meditation cushions for most of the time.
  • Do you have a rattle of a drum, bring them along!




Tickets are available from 25 euros, choose the ticket which best fits your financial situation.




Your ticket is only refunded when the event is canceled or replaced.


Question? Feel free to send us a message.






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