Balance your organs workshop part 1: Yin Meridians




6 januari · 14:30
Lichaamswerk Yoga Zelfzorg

Balance your organs workshop part 1: Yin meridians

This event will be facilitated in Dutch or English, depending on the participants.

 Yin is a unique form of yoga with long passive holds that integrates the knowledge of Chinese Medicine to support your health and wellbeing from a holistic perspective showing you how to work together with the natural healing power of the body. Come to understand what your Yin & Yang organs are trying to tell you in this masterclass with yin yoga and embodiment coach specialist Kirsten.

According to the Taoist philosophy and Chinese Medicine all humans have both Yin (feminine) & Yang (masculine) energy within themselves, each representing important mental, emotional and physical qualities and linked to specific organs inside your body. These energies flow through channels in our body called meridians and become blocked, depleted or overactive when we feel stressed. If ignored, we can become sick, depressed or burned out unless we learn how to soften back into the embodied intelligence of our body by nourishing these energy meridians with specific yin yoga poses.

This workshop has been split into two parts which can be followed seperately or together for a more complete overview of the Yin/Yang meridians principle in Yin Yoga & Chinese medicine. Yin organs are solid and their main function is to store our energies and fluids, while Yang organs are hollow and their main function is to transform and transmit energies and fluids.

On January 6 we will dive deeper into the concept of the Yin organs and January 7 will focus on the Yang organs, including what each represents and how to nourish specific energy meridians in the body to empower your health & wellbeing – on and off the yoga mat.


Learn more about the background knowledge of the yin yoga poses in connection to Chinese Medicine. We will go deeper into what and where energy meridians are in the body and how they are linked to your organs. Each organ represents very specific physical, emotional and mental qualities that are constantly giving you signals to show you when there is an imbalance (depletion of the energy or over excess).

Explore which poses nourish which organs by stimulating the designated energy meridian and discover which versions work best for your unique body to bring that organ back to calm and restore inner balance.


For those who are ready to soften into the wisdom of their body and nourish themselves on a deeper, more sustainable level. Anyone who enjoys a more in depth yin yoga class and is curious to learn and apply the holistic tools of Chinese Medicine both on the mat as off the mat in daily life.


Kirsten van den Akker – certified yoga instructor, Yin specialist & embodiment coach.

Yin yoga in particular has had an immense impact on Kirsten’s life. For years she struggled with chronic Lyme disease. Yin showed her how to trust and work together with  the natural healing abilities of the body and it played a crucial role in her recovery.
She founded Impact Yoga in 2017 with a mission to empower others in holistic health & mindful leadership by embodying their own feminine Yin side. She organizes international Yin Retreats, Yin events & online (y)impact coaching programs and is currently based in Ibiza.



  • Date: January 6
  • Time: 14:30 – 17.30
  • Please arrive 10/15 min upon the starting time for a relaxed start
  • Make sure you have enough time to find De Meditatietuin if you’re coming for the first time.
  • Wear comfortable clothes.
  • Yoga mats, meditation pillows and blankets are available.



regular ticket: € 55,00
duo ticket (January 6 and January 7): € 99,00
If tickets are sold out mail de Meditatietuin:

A refund is only possible when the event is cancelled by De Meditatietuin.


De Meditatietuin
Amstelpark 6, Amsterdam

Het centrum ligt midden in het park, omgeven door natuur. Het is het gebouw tussen het Rietveld Huis en het Glazen Huis, het dichtst bij de rode brug ingang van het park, iets verderop van de hoofdingang. Google Maps wijst je de weg. Fietsen moeten buiten het park worden geparkeerd. Houd rekening met 5 minuten lopen.





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Balance your organs workshop part 1: Yin Meridians

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