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Terms and Conditions | De Meditatietuin

Article 1 – Scope
The General Terms and Conditions apply to all activities offered by the Meditatiatuin, such as trainings, workshops and retreats including but not limited to online and offline- activities (hereinafter referred to as ‘Program’) and the webshop on de Meditatietuin’s website (“Webshop”).
By participating in a Program the person participating (“Participant”) agrees to the applicability of these General Terms and Conditions.
De Meditatietuin may from time to time amend these General Terms and Conditions. The most recent version of the Terms and Conditions is always the version that is applicable and is always available on our website: ( (“Website”). De Meditatietuin will announce any amendments to the General Terms and Conditions in advance by email.

Article 2 – Webshop

2.1 De Meditatietuin is registered at the Chamber of Commerce and pays its statutory
contribution to the Dutch Tax Authorities. On our Website you can find the
Chamber of Commerce number, VAT number and contact details.
2.2 Our webshop is provided with an SLL certificate. This means that we comply with
all legal requirements regarding the security of your personal data and payment
details, including but not limited to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).
We strive to continuously improve the security of your data. For more detailed
information about the handling and processing of personal data we refer to our
Privacy Policy.
2.3 We strive to provide you with excellent service at all times. If you have any doubts
about the purchase of a product or service, we are happy to assist you.

3. Payment and Price Changes
All activities organized by de Meditatietuin must be paid before the start of the Program. De Meditatietuin does not accept cash payments. Payments can be made through the Ticketshop on the Website (iDeal + Credit Card) and by bank transfer upon receipt of invoice.
De Meditatietuin reserves the right to change the pricing of all de Meditatietuin products. Any changes are announced in advance by placing statements on the Website, and/or by email. The currently applicable rates are always mentioned on the Website.
Before joining a class, workshop or training, the Participant must check in at the front desk, or at the Teacher of an Outdoor class as the case may be. After de Meditatietuin Employee or Teacher has verified the registration and payment for the relevant event, the Participant is allowed to enter the class, workshop or training.

4. Reservations and cancellations
All activities are available for online booking through the Website or relevant Facebook event page referring to the Website prior to the start of the Program.
De Meditatietuin does not provide any refunds in case of cancellation by the Participant, only in case of Covid-19 symptoms or force majeure.
When a Program is fully booked, the Participant can sign up for the Waiting List by sending an email to . If a spot opens up, the first Participant to book the through the schedule will be notified by email.

5.. Program Schedule
The current schedule is mentioned on the Website. De Meditatietuin reserves the right to change the schedule at any time. If possible, any changes are announced in advance by mentioning them on the Website and/or by email.
De Meditatietuin reserves the right to cancel a Program that has been scheduled or to change the teacher mentioned in the schedule in the event of force majeure, including illness of the teacher. In the case of replacement of a teacher, there will be no refund provided by de Meditatietuin.
De Meditatietuin reserves the right to close its doors on public holidays or on other days, or when imposed by the government, in case of force majeure, national safety or a pandemic.

6. Health & Liability
Attending any Program at de Meditatietuin is at the Participant’s own risk. By participating the Participant is aware that it is his/her own responsibility to take care of his/her own health and well-being during such a Program at all times.
De Meditatietuin accepts no liability for loss or damage of personal belongings of a Participant attending any Program at de Meditatietuin and leaving belongings. If during a Program the Participant causes loss or damage to the property of de Meditatietuin’s venue, the Participant will be held liable. This loss or damage is in no way covered by de Meditatietuin. The Participant is considered to have the right insurance to cover this loss or damage.
De Meditatietuin is not in any way liable for personal physical or mental injuries sustained during any Program. Participating is always at the own risk of the Participant.
De Meditatietuin provides the following guidelines for reducing the risk of an injury:
In case you are doubting whether a Program is suitable for your mental or physical condition, or if you are pregnant, consult your general healthcare practitioner beforehand.
If you have an injury or any other physical inconvenience, always inform your teacher about this before starting the Program.
Listen to and follow the instructions of the relevant teacher.
Perform the exercises carefully and bear your physical limitations in mind.
Raise questions if you do not understand an exercise.
Although we strive to only provide correct information on our Website, we are not liable for any inaccuracy and no rights can be derived therefrom.

7. Personal Data
De Meditatietuin collects personal data (Name, Company name (optionally), Adress, Email) of the Participants for administration and information purposes. De Meditatietuin handles this collection of personal data with due care and complies with the provisions of the Dutch Data Protection Act.
De Meditatietuin uses the personal data referred to in Clause 9.1 to inform the Participants about activities of de Meditatietuin and any changes in the schedule, for example. If the Participant does not want to receive communications from de Meditatietuin, he or she may unsubscribe from the mailing in the bottom of a received newsletter or communicate this to de Meditatietuin by sending an email to . The Participant is aware (s)he cannot use all online services and products of de Meditatietuin in that case.
De Meditatietuin never gives any personal data of the Participants to third parties without their prior written consent.

8. Governing Law and Dispute Settlement
The General Terms and Conditions are exclusively governed by Dutch law.
Any disputes relating to the General Terms and Conditions or any of the Programs organized by de Meditatietuin are settled exclusively by the competent court in Amsterdam or any higher court.

9. House Rules
Participants shall adhere to the following de Meditatietuin’s House Rules:
Please do not wear shoes in De Meditatietuin.
Please do not use perfumes, spray deodorants or other chemical scents in the spaces. We like to keep the air fresh and healthy.
Smoking or any drug use is not allowed inside the spaces and enclosed gardens of De Meditatietuin.
Pets are not allowed inside the spaces and enclosed gardens of De Meditatietuin.
Only consume plant based or vegetarian food at De Meditatietuin.
Please read the current safety measures regarding the Covid-19 virus before attending any event or session at De Meditatietuin.
Participants are requested not to talk when the silent sign is put up.
The physical and mental integrity of Participants must always be respected, and in case of close physical interaction consent is at all times required.


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